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Being rude, Simon D apologizes to Girls' Generation's Sunny


Rapper Simon D has sent an apology message following his unpleasant words to Girls’ Generation’s Sunny.

He apologized after he appeared as a guest star on Sunny’s radio program, “Sunny FM Date”. During the last night’s broadcast, the rapper continued to make sexual jokes.

“I have good techniques. Giving feeling is a technique, and using your body is a technique,” he said.

Sunny, who already understood where he was going, tried to neutralize the situation by reminding him that most of the program’s listeners were underaged. However, he got carried away and continued to make unpleasant remarks.

“Even teenagers know everything. Why did you invite me if you are going to be like this,” he said.

He was later reprimanded by netizens for his unpleasant behavior. “I heard the broadcast and I thought he was joking, but it got worse instead. There is a time and place for everything,” a netizen wrote.

After he was reprimanded, in the end he apologized via his Twitter account. “I was not drunk when I attended ‘Sunny FM Date’. It was because of my lack (of experience) in broadcasting. I was too comfortable, that I forgot myself. I will be more polite and humble in the future. My apologies,” he wrote.

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