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CNBLUE reveal practice picture for their comeback show



CNBLUE’s grand comeback is around the corner! The boys have kept us excited by revealing more pictures for their comeback.

On February 17, a group picture taken in a practice room was revealed on their official Facebook account.

“Here is a picture of CNBLUE members practicing for their comeback show~ Please look forward to SBS CNBLUE All-live comeback show, ‘Can’t Stop’ which will be aired on March 2!,” CNBLUE wrote.

The four members of CNBLUE – Jung Yonghwa, Lee Jonghyun, Lee Jungshin and Kang Minhyuk – were spotted holding their own instruments and busy practicing in a studio. CNBLUE will return with their fifth mini-album on the February 24 and Yonghwa’s self composed song, “Can’t Stop” is chosen as its title track.

This special comeback show on SBS will be aired on March 2, 12.15 a.m. KST. A private pre-recording session will be held on February 22nd at SBS Prism Tower, Sangamdong, Seoul.

Raise your hand if you are as ready as we are to see the boys’ comeback!

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